Interactive 3D, 2D human-language video avatars for your business. Money of the 21st century.

Interactive 3D, 2D human-language video avatars for your business. Money of the 21st century.

Novelties in business for Internet entrepreneurs, bloggers, ifobusinessmen and for anyone who wants to earn more on the Internet, increase sales and website conversion without advertising costs! Using the Novelty in Business you can create, on a revolutionary new software platform, in a few seconds with the latest business technology, fully interactive 3D, 2D human-language video avatars.

Today I will show you a novelty in the world of Internet Business, and show you how you can use it to increase your subscription base, attract more attention, conversion, sales and much more. Talking business AVATARS will help you: 1. Instantly increase the conversion of the site, blog, capture pages, affiliate pages. And become for you an automated trading machine in seconds. 2. I do not have a website. How can I make a profit? You can use content on other sites for profit! 3. New business avatars will help you make more sales and get triple profit even without a product, subscribers, or technical experience! 4. To use the application provides a simple cloud, space that works on any platform, browser, including all mobile devices! VideoPal is a breakthrough, dynamic, powerful SAAS web application (software as a service) in which you can create your own video avatars for any website in a few minutes – without additional software !. A world technological novelty that can create “talking” 2D, 3D and human video avatars with unlimited video hosting space.

Using the modern VideoPal Text-To-Speech engine, you can make your video avatars speak any of 24 languages ​​and instantly convert your text into a human voice. But that’s not all. VideoPal for Business opens up much more cool features: 1. Create stunning 3D, 2D, human-speaking Avatars in a few seconds! 2. A proven way to increase the conversion rate, without pop-ups, overlay and other obsolete tactics! 3. Interact with your audience by promoting a custom video that you can set up faster than in a minute! 4. This super novelty will help you to be out of competition. How will this BUSINESS NEW help me? 1. As we all know now in Business it is more difficult than ever to keep the attention of visitors for more than a minute. 2. Even harder to get them to answer your call to action! 3. And statistics show that getting potential customers, subscribers and sales is becoming increasingly difficult. BUSINESS AVATARS – THIS IS YOUR DECISION!

New in Business 1. VideoPal helps you get in touch with website visitors in ways that are impossible for pop-ups, widgets, and other web conversion tools. 2. This allows you to reach out to your visitors and get their attention. 3. Then he helps them sign up for the newsletter, click the Buy button and much more! 4. Thanks to its latest digital animation, video and revolutionary dynamic text-to-speech technology, which is quite easy to use, anyone can create a custom avatar that matches your personality or brand recognition! 5. A wide selection (more than 100 live, 2D and 3D-animated) from the spectrum of male or female avatars, as well as 47 different voices, accents, in more than 24 languages! 6. You can also use your own video or voice acting to create your avatars! 7. This super-novelty in business gives you the opportunity to customize an avatar that will connect to your audience!

With VideoPal, you can: Get more visitors and keep your attention on your site longer! More visitors – more revenue. 2. Quickly and easily transfer any information that you want the visitor to know, regardless of the device from which the person visited your site from a PC or mobile phone! 3. Offer coupons, bonuses and other gifts in order to attract visitors to the subscriber base or make a sale! 4. Automatically receive new subscribers to the site or database. 5. Take advantage of viral content from other people’s sites, in your interests – to get more subscribers and increase traffic to your site! WHY THE BEST MARKETERS USE THIS BUSINESS NEW: 1 EASY TO APPLY: The intuitive interface allows you to create your avatars as a professional, without prior training! 2. EASY TO MANAGE Simply paste the code into your website, or use our live streaming technology to instantly add VideoPal functionality. Our modern application will do the rest for you! 3. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES No other application provides such capabilities, flexibility and settings that VideoPal makes at such a minimum price! 4. GLOBAL AVAILABILITY VideoPal allows you to create your own avatar that will speak any of 24 languages! You can even use the built-in automatic translation system to convert your script into a clean and professional translation. Your avatars will speak your native language with your audience! 5. GUARANTEED REDUCTION OF FAILURE INDICATOR = BEST RESULTS! The more visitors come to your site, and the longer it stays on it. The more ultimately you get customers, sales and … more money! 6. WORKS ON ANY DEVICE OR IN THE BROWSER Regardless of whether you work on a desktop PC, tablet or even a smartphone, you can quickly and easily create and manage avatars – without having to install software. New avatars will work great on any device or browser! For whom, or for what kind of business is the New VideoPal suitable? New in the business 1. If you are an Internet marketer. Just add this super novelty to your blogs, websites and affiliate landing pages. And you will instantly increase sales and registrations! Example. Use this new product to offer your visitors a free e-book or digital product. In order for a person to subscribe to your newsletter. This will help you build a team without additional effort and advertising costs! BUSINESS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS

2. If you are building a business through social networks … Use the new program to use content from other sites with a good viral or social load directing visitors to your resource. Your avatar will appear on the content page, and will interact with each person who clicks on your link. You can invite a person to subscribe to the newsletter, go to your website or do what you want from them, without the need to create your own content! You can use this powerful feature to make more profit using cheap Facebook advertisements and much more! promotion of online stores 3. If you are the owner of an online store. Your VideoPal avatar can offer your visitors incentives in the form of discounts, etc. to make them buy! Customer suggestions help complete the sale if they have any questions or need more information. Offer instant discounts to visitors who have launched a shopping cart to complete the sale, and much more! Your sales will increase, while the failure rate of your basket will decrease! And don’t forget, you can also create a list of subscribers from those visitors who are just browsing your store! promotion of offline business 4. If you have your own business on the earth … Your avatar may offer discount coupons, bonus items and “buy 1 and get 1 free” offers and so on. In order to get more potential customers. If you work with a service business, this is a great way. For example, if you have a restaurant business, offer promotional discount coupons – this is a great way to attract more customers in stagnant periods and attract more customers. In this area, the possibilities and offers are simply endless! information business 5. If you are an information business, you can use VideoPal to interact with visitors who view your sales pages. Ask them to sign up for free so you can either complete the sale or get a subscriber who is interested in a product in your niche. Using this super-novelty, you will significantly increase sales with fewer advertising and follow-up actions! New to Blogging

6. If you are a blogger or author … Use VideoPal to get more visitors and keep their attention on your site longer. This will help you get more blog readers or subscribers! Novelties for PP 7. If you earn on affiliate programs. Use this New Business to use the content of another site through advertising or promotion on social networks, and then invite visitors to click on your affiliate links or subscribe to your newsletter! You can also use this new product on landing pages, bonus pages, on feedback pages, etc., to increase affiliate commissions without any extra effort! Whatever your niche, you can use news, blog posts, and other sites to promote YOUR offers with endless possibilities!


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